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Beautiful snowscape pictures Terry!
-- David Robinson, 2/4/19

Loved your painting, Terry, of Church Place, Railway Village, Swindon. Great work.
-- Margaret White, 4/2/16

I really like your work, great stuff Terry
-- Ronald Edward, 7/7/14

Excellent preview last night & a Great Web Site!!
-- Pete Southard, 7/5/14

Amazing paintings! I hear you do a art class in Swindon??
-- Alicia Rendle, 5/4/14

Inspirational paintings Terry. I particulary like your use of light and colour.
-- Margaret White, 4/25/14

Fab site, have you got any of HMS Victory??? Tony
-- Tony Dolding, 4/6/14

I love your work Terry - you journey on always towards perfection - you get better all the time.
-- Mary Dolding, 3/5/14

Excellent work, an explosion of color. I'm glad i found this site to show some of my work on.
-- James Lasenby, 11/4/09

I really like your use of colour along with the abstract elements, plus the expert architecture of the buildings in your pictures. Alltogether pretty fabulous!!
-- Judith Hill, 10/16/09

Felice CiprianiI really enjoy your work Bravo........Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 6/5/09

Sean Ritchwoodincredible work!!
-- Sean Ritchwood, 10/8/08